The Musket Room

A masterly culmination of New Zealand’s best ingredients has been brought to the northern hemisphere, with spirit and flare, to the neighbourhood of Nolita in Lower Manhattan. Through the passion of Matt Lamberts love of home, we have created a design that embraces this exceptional experience and journey, in an open and organic environment.

Stepping into this unique space, you will be swept away from the urban cosmopolitan surround. You will comfortably land in a naturally intuitive and contemporary environment that speaks of the earth. Gestures of a land, half a world away, where you find inspiration through adventuring it’s rough and rugged terrain, are captivated through the 20-foot, solid walnut bar with a concrete printed, scalloped floor surround. Subtly strong deep indigo leathers provide a fresh and blended pairing to their dark wooden frames, offering an understated luxury. Exposed lime covered brick walling and botanical placements bring a mindful composure of rustic charm. The Musket Room is the essence and breath of one country in another. Familiarity will be found with content fulfilment, taking you back to your childhood, when the imagination ran best in the wild.

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