The Kensington

Paying homage to the Doyle Collection’s soulful, family values, we have created an environment of luxurious, homely decadence, that effortlessly flows through the Town House restaurant. Cultural influences from the local area of Kensington add a sense of place to this sanctum of social, culinary escapades.

Once you’ve ventured through the personally discreet entrance, a seamless blend of traditional elements, rejuvenated in a contemporary style await you. Welcomed into a tonally juxtaposed, yet collectively balanced space, natural freshness through youthful, patterned fabrics and rugs catches your eye. Fun, spirited velvet and leather covered chairs elevate your soul delivering a sophisticated luxury and a relaxed ambience. This environment compliments an eclectic, seasonal menu with natural, timeless materials like the classic rosewood and walnut tables, remaining unfussy and dignified. Constructivist, impressionistic and contemporary artwork are positioned through the space, drawing those more curious to take a closer look, enhancing its overall detail and opulence. This old London town house offers an agelessness and true aesthetic pleasure to draw you back time and time again, whenever you’re wanting a well-deserved treat.

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