Masseria Petrarolo

Located in the heart of Puglia, amidst 30 hectares of picturesque farmland, we have restored and redesigned the Masseria Petrarolo. Where once it stood as a fortified farmhouse against Saracen invaders, it now welcomes you for a dreamy break away from reality.

Elegantly rising through natures sculptural landscape, this magnificent villa has been transformed throughout, maintaining its authentic farmhouse heritage. Passing through each space, a rustic purity refreshes your mind with exposed brick walls, floors and gracefully large, vaulted ceilings, maintaining many of the original features. Covering the length of Italy and further through Europe, we have sourced an assortment of antiques and contemporary, tailored furniture pieces. Each of the 8-bedrooms maintains their own singular identity, with naturally sourced pastel colours that blend seamlessly, providing a light, yet romantically dignified feel to compliment the magnificent views. The living spaces consisting of 3 kitchens, a dining area, wine room, a pool house and sitting room continue with soothing, rustic, refinement that welcomes you with warmth to wind away your day with comfort and mindful rejuvenation.

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