Situated in the thriving centre of London’s Clerkenwell neighbourhood, the Clove Club Group unite their love for British ingredients, stylised into an Italian cuisine. We deliver a design that compliments and elevates this overall experience, in this 19th century listed building.

As you step from the street into the restaurant you enter a timeless, cosmopolitan flare of Italian grace. Finely detailed wooden cladding and sage green booths await those fresh morning coffee drinkers. Guided by the white marble-topped bar through a space that reveals itself at every turn, you can’t help yourself feeling the sense of anticipation of what will come next. Passing by the open kitchen, oak panel floors hold host to roast red leather upholstered armchairs and banquettes. Stained oak tables lay rest for an audience to be seated witnessing the spectacle of culinary creation. A conservatory of bright abundance opens round the final corner with floor to ceiling windows and art deco shades commanding the skyline. White cotton curtains hang from brass rails, giving way to a walled Tuscan styled terrace. A pleasurably, casual simplicity feeds your experience with Mediterranean heat and heart.

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