The Blake Hotel

The Blake Hotel has arrived with flare and distinction into the heart of New Haven, Connecticut. Delivering a refined, enriching comfort that pays homage to the New England community. We have designed the vibrant Hamilton Park ground floor restaurant and High George rooftop dining space and bar allowing Chef Tyler Anderson to work his culinary seasonally, sourced magic.

Arriving into Hamilton Park a familiar feel sweeps over you through the warming tones of chestnut and tan old English leather chairs and opulent deep blue banquettes. The central bar stands with prominence contributing a feel of majesty through its mild walnut timber top and cream tiled front. Brass detailed lights radiate with a soothing aura illuminating the standout feature of stain glass dividers delivering an energetic space of spirted tenacity.

Elevated up onto the rooftop, High George awaits your anticipated arrival with blue, grey leather cushioned side chairs and stained teak tables to place your seasonally reflective cocktail on. The green, white veined marble top and walnut cladded bar is enough to draw anyone in for another drink. This perfectly distilled rooftop spot is ready for all to absorb the spectacle of the setting sun across the New Haven skyline.

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