Mamma Primi

The essence of Italian country nestles itself comfortably within the Parisian district of Batignolles. Bringing the colour, vitality and passion that lies at the heart of the Big Mamma Group, we have helped spread their love and want of giving across the city through our design.

An abundance of floral delights, complemented with terracotta vessels, captivates your sight before you step through the door. Your spirit is refreshed, and senses transported to a Mediterranean heartland, with fine feminine balances of elegant shapes and strength of colour. Botanical gestures perch seamlessly on the detailed, brass, art deco edge finishes. Each natural element of this construct is illuminated with soft elegance from the early 20th century styled lighting. A combination of the blue veined marble bar tops, white marble tables and warming woods, support each surface in every corner of this space. There they wait for you to bring the final element of social charm and laughter as it whisks you away to another culture of southern, Mediterranean familiarity, if only for a short time.

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