Exclusive Workspace

Situated off the famed Sloane Square, in the affluent borough of Chelsea, we have redefined traditional perceptions of a typically familiar, un-characterful, office, transforming the full, five floors and ground lobby of this Exclusive Workspace. We have created an environment more recognisable as an elaborate, penthouse apartment, rather than a place of business.

Authentic, Indian, wood carved elephants, greet you at the door, setting the precedent of creative splendour that you will be immersed in, exploring each floor. Rising up level by level, each space collectively combines a functionally, free flowing use of trading desks, made from dark walnut timber, quite spaces with American walnut furniture, inlaid with red leather padding, VC and meeting rooms, café and bar areas with white marble tops and exposed brick walls and a traditionally equipped gymnasium. Interceded through each environment are pueblo mineral blue and viridian whistler, leather banquettes, for any lunchtime or open meeting. A proud collection of mid-century furniture offering casual breakout spaces, provide rejuvenation to the intensity of the working day. Reclaimed oak with hessian and Persian rugs flow across every floor, elevating a sense of warmth and natural connection. A continued ambience of comfortable living maintains a mindful approach, illuminated by industrial steel and antique brass, detailed lights. An elegantly, sophisticated design, making itself ready for purpose, fit for business.

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