Gracefully positioned in London’s Marylebone, Clarette is a destination for those true wine and food lovers. Our design has paid tribute to the inspiring passion towards wine echoing across the channel from the epitome of vineyards, Château Margaux. Alexandra Petit Mentzelopoulos & Natsuko Perromat du Marais have elegantly established themselves in the most traditional yet comfortably dynamic of locations.

An authentic Tudor townhouse has been reimaged with timeless poise and engaging flare. Independently strong, deep blue and rich red colours screen the walls, complemented by light pink, fabric chairs, supporting opulent brass-framed and marbled topped bars. A surround of copper-topped tables with leather cushioned chairs, help elevate this environment with energetic poise. You can tantalise your taste buds with delightful discoveries through the hand-selected wines. We add to this experience, captivating your eye and imagination with a vibrant blend of constructivist and expressionist artwork. Further subtle, brass, detailed features continue to flow throughout the space amplifying the radiant glow from the suspended glass and wall mounted lights. Clarette is a traditional beauty through life and design. It is an environment waiting to refresh your connection with the grape, winding away your afternoon in a simplistic and carefree manner.

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