Alexander Waterworth Interiors

“We believe in creating intuitively, timeless environments, offering experiences through an enriched level of elegance and comfort.”

New Haven, Connecticut
Paris, France
London, UK
Tucker’s Point, Bermuda
New York, USA
Oxfordshire, UK
London, UK
London, UK
Puglia, Italy
London, UK

Moments Of Discovery


Our Décor pieces are represented through the tailored range of furniture, designed with meticulous detail for each of our interiors. We understand the importance in the relationship you have with a chair, stool, table or sofa and the influence it has on your intuitive existence with it. We create items that speak to you ergonomically, sensually and in their silent beauty, offering bespoke balance.

We believe each of our Décors must resonate harmoniously as a collective and have the subtle strength to stand alone. Durability and functionality are essential when drawing each design and we give the time needed, in developing and creating each item to deliver the best it can be.

Combining an eclectic array of natural woods, coloured leathers, fabrics and metals, our hand-crafted Décors develop their own playfully charming and engaging characters. Each one offering a welcomed elegance to any suited environment, they will soon become a part of.


Alexander Waterworth is an internationally distinguished interior design studio. Situated in the thriving, creative heart of London, our notable, award-winning designs have continued to create and transform restaurants, bars, hotels, members clubs, theatres and private residentials.

Our extensive experience and international collective bring together an expanse of knowledge, expertise and practise to materialise any idea into reality.

We believe in creating intuitively, timeless environments, offering experiences through an enriched level of elegance and comfort. The Studios passionate commitment to sourcing and authentically designing every item, delivers bespoke furniture and fixed features in an astute and meticulous fashion.

Our personalised approach and collaborative partnership to seeing a vision form into a tangible, luxury environment, is delivered through simple solutions and committed support. We understand that this is an engaging journey of development and discovery always remaining sensitive to the space and those who interact with it.

We are committed to the idea and the individual, connecting you to your interior.

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